Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Dogs of Yada

. Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No contest this time. Send me a picture(s) of your pet(s)! Make sure to have your pet fill out the information form below.






I like:

I don't like:

My superpower(s) are:

My motto is:

E-mail me your photos and forms and join the pantheon of animals below!


Name: Baron

Sex: used to be male

Age: 10 + or - a year or two

Breed: Rottweiler

Nicknames/Alias: Moose, get off my dam lap!

I like: little ones that like to cuddle and ride me

I don't like: sheriff's cars, uniforms, ups trucks and wheels of any type

My superpower(s) are: my ability to move the entire lawn tractor with human on top with my bite

My motto is: never let a good cop go bad…they don't taste as good.

Name: Chloe

Sex: Female

Age: almost 3

Breed: Havenese Mix with something

Nicknames/Alias: Yipper, Pisser

I like: wrestling with Bella, running around as fast as I can, and being up high

I don't like: people in my line of sight…I bark non-stop until I can't see them anymore

My superpower(s) are: my high pitch annoying yip!

My motto is: if it moves…yip at it!

Agent 4


Sex-Female {spayed}

Age-8 ? Was lied to about age.

Breed- Jack Russell

Nicknames-Jazz, Jazzy

I Like-Killing snakes,My morning Greenie{wish mommy would give me more}, guarding my food bowl, playing with my stuffed animals, I LOVE my new family. FOOD.

I don't like-My past owners, they abused me.

My Superpowers-Snake Killer.

My Motto-I'm not fat, I'm Big boned.

Name- Halle

Sex- Female{spayed}

Age-6 Breed-Chihuahua-Pug mix


I Like-My siblings, My morning Greenie, Kissing everyone and mowing the lawn with my Dad.

I don't like-Going to the vet & having my nails cut.

My Superpowers- Dancing on my back legs.

My Motto-If there's birds in my lawn I'm going to chase them and someday maybe get myself one.


Sex-Was a male


Breed-Beagle mix

Nicknames-Tooky P, Butthead, My baby boy

I Like-Doboy,my morning Greenie, rabbits, food and my mom

I Don't like- the vet

My Super Power-Getting anything I want by my looks.

My Motto-It's a Dog's World....


Name: Skye

Sex: F

Age: 2 3/4

Breed: Rott/Husky/Shep - best guesses

Nicknames/Alias: Fatty, Favorite

I like: Playing, running, digging, getting muddy

I don't like: Thunder

My superpower(s) are: Happiness

My motto is: Love me

Name: Freida

Sex: F

Age: 7 months

Breed: German Shepherd

Nicknames/Alias: Puppy

I like: Playing with the other dogs

I don't like: I like everything, I'm a puppy

My superpower(s) are: I come when I am called, no other dogs at my house can do this

My motto is: Where's Skye?

Name: Ace

Sex: M

Age: 2 3/4

Breed: Great Dane

Nicknames/Alias: Big Guy, or profanity when I am out of control

I like: Ice Cubes, Biscuits, Love

I don't like: Puppies that get attention, People raising their voices, strangers, cats

My superpower(s) are: My stubborn attitude

My motto is: I'm in charge

Saint Gabriel

Name: Chloe

Sex: Will always be a female!

Age: How rude of you to ask royalty their age!

Breed: AKC registered Blenheim CKCS or to us lesser humans, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Nicknames/Alias: Lovingly referred to as Grilly; Deputy Doofus; FattyPatti and Waddles

I like: Chloe loves to chew, chew, chew....anything! Snooze in a quiet place where she can snore.

I don't like: larger dogs

My superpower(s) are: the ability to open the cupboard door and get out the dog treats with the help of the cat

My motto is: "If you leave it out, I will eat it!"

Name: Connor

Sex: Male

Age: 9 years 2 months old

Breed: AKC registered Cairn Terrier

Nicknames/Alias: Connor-Wonnor; Weiner; Mr. Twister

I like: Presently likes to dig up the lawn in search of acorns. Also likes to obsess over shadows and pinpoints of light commonly known as (Obsessive Compulsive Behavior).

I don't like: Anyone and anything that walks near his home. *Anywhere *near his home.

My superpower(s) are: Has had knee reconstruction done on both legs and still runs like the wind

My motto is: "Cairns rule squirrels drool!"

Bad Rabbit

Name: Sofie

Sex: S

Age: 8

Breed: Keeshond/Border Collie mix

Nicknames/Alias: Sof, Sofer, Fluffy Butt, Toast Dog

I like: Going on walks with Daddy; cheese; Boo Jr; tummy rubs

I don't like: Getting my nails cut

My superpower(s) are: Standing on my hind legs; "talking"

My motto is: Living the life of Reilly!


Name: Susie

Sex: female (she's not a boy named Susie!)

Age: at least 12, probably 14 or so (she was definitely older than the Auburn SPCA said she was)

Breed: lab-like mutt with some hound-like qualities (like chasing deer)

Nicknames/Alias: boo-jee-boo

I like: love and affection, sock-tug-of-war, walks, finding holes in the backyard fence to sneak through

I don't like: thunder or yelling or anything loud

My superpower(s) are: CutenessPower!

My motto is: "pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase?!"


Name: Daisy Mabel

Sex: Spayed

Age: 12 years old

Breed: Terrier/Hound Mix

Nicknames: Daisy Doo

Likes : Greenies, Tummy and Ear Rubs

Dislikes: Anyone/anything on "her" street

Super powers: HOWLS like the wind

Motto: My new life is grand

Name: Trixie

Sex: Spayed

Age: 9 years old

Breed: Exotic Terrier

Nicknames: Trixster

Likes: Greenies, Tummy Ruby, Dancing

Dislikes: Men wearing hats

Super powers: Loyal to a fault

Motto: Life is bliss

Name: Roxanne

Sex: Spayed

Age: 8 years old

Breed: Standard Airdale

Nickname: Rockstar, Princess

Likes: Greenies, Ear Rubs, Cuddling with Mom

Dislikes: Mornings

Super powers: Excellent soccer player

Motto: I am an International Star (daughter of the American & Canadian airdale champion parents)


Name: Repeat Lady

Sex: Female

Age: 10

Breed: English Bulldog

Nicknames/Alias: Lady, Fatty

I like: Food and licking people

I don't like: climbing stairs, grass, being stepped on

My superpower(s) are: flatulence

My motto is: If it’s edible, I’ll eat it



Sex: Formerly Female

Age: 2 years 7 months 15 days

Breed: Golden Retriever

Nicknames/Alias: SuperBloo the WonderDog!!!

I like: Kids better than adults, tennis balls, swimming in ponds and lakes

I don't like: Leashes, being sprayed with a hose, Ed

My superpower(s) are: I am able to keep my owner within 6 feet of me without use of a leash

My motto is: if nobody says "don't eat that", then EAT IT!!!


Sex: Female

Age: 7 years 19 days

Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever

Nicknames/Alias: Fatass, The Guardian

I like: FOOD!, my owner, rides in the car, kids, cats, getting sprayed with the hose. The sprinkler is my favorite toy

I don't like: Ed, baths

My superpower(s) are: I can tell when it's 5:00 (dinnertime) and have the ability to wake the dead to let people know that it's suppertime!; catching birds and mice before they dare enter my domain

My motto is: If Bloo has the ball, she's just getting it for me


Name: Sienna

Sex: Female …. Well, before the human interfered

Age: 11 years young DOB 7/1/1997

Breed: Border Collie. Sire: Sebastian; Dam: Belle

Nicknames/Alias: Pretty girl

I like: having my armpits rubbed by Alaina

I don't like: wet feet but SHE still makes me go outside in the rain and I really don’t like thunder

My superpower(s) are: Sniffing out fresh pineapple at the first slice, no matter where I am or what I am doing. And I am also an automatic golf ball retriever!

My motto is: “I’m hungry!”